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Menu of expert consulting topics / training services for small business owners and managers.
Jump start sells - urgent strategies.
Finding a position attitude-direction.
Business plans and models creation for profits & non profits.
Structured marketing and advertising plans development.
Business organization, policies, vision statements and goal planning.
Business ownership and management skills training.
Project and training programs / presentations development.
Grant writing and presentations to lenders.
Finding new customer groups.
Adding new profit/revenue generating sources/centers.
Funding source and loan application preparations.
Financial statement development.
Web site design, development, maintenance.
Video - You Tube creation, marketing, edits
Crisis and recovery management.
Cash flow improvement focus.
Bid proposal and presentations.
Forecasting, negotiating and selling skills enhancement.
Deal closing strategies and skills training.
Sales and marketing team strategies and skills training.
Exit strategy planning.
How to set prices.
Fighting distractions and setting priorities.
24 must know things before starting a business
When and how to sell your business.
Buying an establishes small business. Do's - Don'ts.
Merchandizing and Pricing Skills development.
How to start selling on the Internet. The basics.
How to start/grow/expand business:
- Eatery
- Barber Shop
- Commercial cleaning and sanitizing
- Salon
- Trucking. How to start, dos and don'ts
- Maid Service
- New/Used auto, truck, tractors sells
- Auto, truck, tractor repairs
- Lawn Care / Landscape
- Welding / Fabrication
- Home Grown foods - crafts- labels
- Pressure - power washing
- Air BNB, bed and breakfast
- Signs and Design

Enhancing customer service and hospitality experiences.
Binging WOW positive factors.
Enhancing public speaking and prestation skills.
Facing and conquering the competition.

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